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Virtual Paint Party

The NCCU Alumni Homecoming Court is hosting a virtual paint party on November 1 to raise funds for the NCCUAA National Alumni Scholars Scholarship Program. This fundraiser is an opportunity for chapters to raise a portion (or all of) the $500 Mr./Ms. Assessment that is due February 28, 2021.  

Here's how it will work:  For every individual that makes a purchase from your chapter your chapter will get a $5 credit toward the $500 Mr./Ms. Assessment.  To get the credit individuals MUST write your chapter's name down when they order. Note: There is a space for individuals to include the name of the chapter on the form. For example, if 10 people sign up that's $50 toward your Mr/Ms assessment.  There is no cost for your chapter to participate.  

This event is open to everyone; however, for your chapter to receive the $5 credit per payer they must put your chapter's name on their form. 

Kind regards,

Kevin Powell '97



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