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North Carolina Central University alumni living in the Metro Atlanta Area.


Greater Atlanta NCCU Alumni Association is asking members of this group to join their local Alumni Chapter!


The Greater Atlanta NCCU Alumni Chapter


Chapter Bylaws

NCCU was the first school within the UNC system to require all students to volunteer in the community as part of their education. NCCU students give 120 hours of service before they graduate. Last year students gave more than 200,000 hours of service, valued at nearly $3 million

Our Mission

Greater Atlanta NCCU Alumni strive to enhance the quality of life of citizens in Greater Atlanta and around the globe.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To grow the local chapter, help citizens around Atlanta, high school students wanting to attend NCCU and college students from Atlanta who attend NCCU.


Join the Atlanta Chapter! 

Once an Eagle always an Eagle.  An Eagle is no ordinary barnyard fowl. 


Phone: 770-800-7631

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