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Snack Signup List for the NCCU Run/Walk Tent

Planning or thinking about coming to the HBCU Alliance Run/Walk this weekend? Signup to bring an item. We'll have our tent setup in Alumni Village early Saturday morning by 7 a.m. If not running or walking, bring a lawn chair to hang out. Please bring an item for others to have as a refreshment or energy replenishner.

Over 1,500 people will be in attendance from HBCUs and other places. It's an official marathon for serious runners recording their running time.

Kudos to Michael Bohannon for donating our NCCU Atlanta Alumni Tent!!! Much appreciated. Hope to see you there. It should be fun! 🦅!/showSignUp/10c094eacac22abfd0-hbcu

Kind regards,

NCCU Atlanta Alumni Association


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