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Roll Call: Eagle's Two Days of Giving

Hello Eagle! Eagle Roll Call : Today and tomorrow are NCCU's Day of Giving (March 1-2, 2022)! Please give towards our Chapter Endowment, which ultimately ends up being a $25,000 donation to the University to help students in Perpetuity. We'd be among NCCU History Makers for the Ages.

If every member gives $100 or more towards our Endowment, we'd raise over $11,500. That would put us very close to the finish line of achieving the total amount needed to fulfill our $25,000 Endowment Agreement this year.

Here's the link for our Chapter Endowment:

In addition, here's a link to see Corporations that have done matching donations to NCCU on behalf of Alumni donors:

If your corporation is on the list, please ask them to match your donation and send the check to the NCCU Foundation, Inc. with a Note stating for Greater Atlanta NCCUAA Endowment Fund. The Advancement Services team would then ensure it is properly credited to our chapter endowment.

Thanks in advance for your sacrifice and generosity.

Eagle Pride, Amplified!

Kind regards,

Kevin Powell '97


Greater Atlanta NCCU Alumni Association



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