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In Truth and Service

Yesterday unexpectedly I went to help a family member whose car broke down. Her battery was weak. She stopped to gather directions from her GPS in a church parking lot in Austell, GA. After gathering her directions, the car wouldn't start. While there to assist her I noticed, Must Ministries was at the church giving away food. It was Food Pantry Day for Must Ministries. The number of people in line to get food was considerably long and continuous. It was cold and rainy. Yet the volunteers for Must Ministries continued to donate food to the long line of people in need.

In the near future, please be on the look out for an opportunity for our Chapter to donate food to a pantry and/or to volunteer to provide assistance to people in need. If you have a food pantry in your neighborhood, that we can support, please send an email to:


Kevin Powell '97



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