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Congratulations Mr. Jordan Hall!

Congratulations to Mr. Jordan Hall! A new Alumnus of the great North Carolina Central University Class 2022!

Jordan is one of our students from metro Atlanta that supported financially during his years at NCCU. He has also been a Chapter Ambassador for us over the years. He gave tours to Atlanta students visiting the campus. He spoke to future NCCU students during our first Annual Cookout for future NCCU students from Atlanta over the summer. He has a been a blessing and a pleasure to know and work with.

Special Thanks to Ms. Nichole Stennis, S. Cobb H.S. Vice Principal, for introducing Jordan to our Chapter while he was still a student at S. Cobb H.S. and going off to attend NCCU as a Freshman.

Our Chapter wish Mr. Jordan Hall the very best in life and in his future endeavors! Fly Eagle, Fly High!

Eagle Pride, Amplified!


Kevin Powell, President

Greater Atlanta NCCU Alumni Association

"In Truth and Service"


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