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Users Unable to Log In to Zoom Applications

Good evening Eagles,

There were technical issues that prevented users from accessing the Zoom meeting at the onset of our, May 9, 2020, monthly meeting. The error was password related preventing users to log-in.

I assume responsibility and apologize for the delay in starting the meeting at our planned time of 12 pm. The delay reminded me of when we used to meet at a restaurant and had to wait to place our orders and for alumni to arrive before we would start the meeting. : ) Those were the good old days. Now we have to create new good old days with technology until we can meet face-to-face again for alumni meetings.

We will have the Zoom issue corrected before our next meeting on June 13, 2020; we will provide an additional update once the technicality is corrected, which is expected this week after several test run.

I'm happy to report based on feedback that the meeting was productive and participants were in good spirits and very understanding.

Lastly, if you are interested in running for an executive position in the Association, please reach out Carla Davis at

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding. Happy Mother's Day!


Kevin Powell '97

President Greater Atlanta NCCU Alumni Association


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