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One Hundred Plus, Congratulations

Congratulations Greater Atlanta NCCU Alumni Association for achieving 100+ paid members! 💯. You did it. 🙏🏽🦅 This a first for the Chapter and historic moment. Dr. James E. Shepard I believe would be proud of us as well as those that came before us over the years in the Atlanta Chapter.

The dream and goal of 100 members started three and a half years ago when we had Chapter business cards made. On the card, was "Soaring to 100 Members Strong".

It has not been a crystal stairway over the years. However, it has been a vision, prayers, teamwork, collaboration, planning, moving forward, hard work and dedication! Let's celebrate 🍾 You did it!

More In truth and service to come to help students, the University and Georgia Communities!


Kevin Powell '97


Greater Atlanta NCCU Alumni Association

Cashapp: $NCCUATL

100+ more to go!


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