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Eagle Pride, thanks!

Dear Eagles!

Thanks for supporting our annual holiday brunch and chapter. This event is now in the archives of history. It was so enjoyable to fellowship and interact with the Chancellor and fellow Eagles on a festive Holiday occasion.

Everyone that played a role in the virtual event were exceptional, e.g. Chancellor, Jazz Performers, Spoken Word artist, Mr. Corey Dinkins, V.P., Dr. Beverley Ford, Treasurer, Dr. Michael Glenn, Parliamentarian, and Mr. Michael Bohannon.

In closing, please make final donations by this Friday 12/18/2020 at 9 p.m. for the two families we are supporting. Donations to the Greater Atlanta NCCU Alumni Association are welcomed as well. Donations can be made via or Cashapp: $nccuatl

Please visit to buy items, reference NCCU Atlanta when ordering. Your purchases gives the chapter 10% of total sales, compliments of Mr. Michael Bohannon.

Attached are pictures captured of the virtual event. Video footage can be found on our Facebook page.

Kind regards,

Kevin Powell '97



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