The MEAC 2018 annual cookout was a great gathering of more than 8 colleges representing from the conference on June 23, 2018 with over 200 participants. It's a big college reunion of locals around greater Atlanta. The atmosphere was like a family reunion or a good ole southern gathering of friends and family. The caterer and DJ did an awesome job. It's an event that had laughter, dancing and great fellowship. 2019 will be as or more successful with your presence as NCCU will be the host school. Please plan to come and bring your family and friends for a day of fun. It's what we make it! Let's make it an Eagle Pride-AMPLIFIED experience!

Eagle Pride-Amplified!

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Congratulations to Ms. Genevieve Ellis and Mr. Jordan Hall for being the recipients of the 2020 Book Scholarship Award of $250 each. The Book Scholarship Award was a collaboration between our Chapter

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