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Congratulations to Ms. Genevieve Ellis and Mr. Jordan Hall for being the recipients of the 2020 Book Scholarship Award of $250 each.

The Book Scholarship Award was a collaboration between our Chapter and the NCCU graduating class of 1997 lead by Ms. Melissa Acevedo. Every homecoming Ms. Acevedo host a brunch that raises funds to donate to a deserving NCCU student. This year Ms. Acevedo choose to partner with the Atlanta Alumni Chapter by giving one scholarship to a student. We are ever grateful for her consideration and funding.

In addition, to the $250 her organization donated, our Chapter decided to match the $250 donation. Hence, we were able to give a second award to a deserving NCCU student, i.e. Ms. Genevieve Ellis and Mr. Jordan Hall.

To be consider for the award students completed an application. Then the application was received, reviewed and winners selected by Ms. Acevedo's organization.

It's through donations to our Alumni chapter, we are able to donate money to students, families and charitable causes. Therefore, thank you for your donations and support. If you have not had an opportunity but would like to donate to support our "Holiday families" in need, please provide a donation via or Cashapp: $NCCUATL . Today is the last day for donations to support the two families that live in Atlanta, GA.

Again, congratulations to Ms. Ellis and Mr. Jordan. We are proud of you and wish you much success in the upcoming semester.

In truth and service,

Kevin Powell '97


Greater Atlanta NCCU Alumni Association


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